RK Series Rotomolders

Our rotomolders are designed for quick turnaround, low volume production of rotationally cast products. Thermo-set materials such as polyurethane, gypsum, polyester, epoxy, plaster are commonly used in rotomolders to make small, seamless, hollow parts without the need for an external heat source. Available in four sizes, one is right for your shop.

ModelMax. Mold SizeMax Load
RK845584" × 55"650 lbs
RK665566" × 55"575 lbs
RK545054" × 50"500 lbs
RK403240" × 32"200 lbs

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Quality Construction

Rotational molding machines from Rotokinetics are made from quality components and built in the USA. Rugged and built-to-last, they can handle the heavy-duty workload required for rotomolding.

Dual-Axis Control

Our rotomolders feature dual-axis rotation with configurable direction, speed, and time delays ensuring an even distribution of material even in the most intricate molds. Choose continuous rotation on both axes simultaneously or sequence the axes. If continuous rotation is not desired, minimum and maximum imits can be set to allow back-and-forth, rock 'n' roll motion.

Effortless Operation

Powerful and intuititve control panel makes complex parts easier. Save and recall any part, and control all aspects of the operation. When a program is running, status can be monitored in real-time.

Tethered remote allows safe, rapid loading and unloading and provides excellent visibility around the mold and machine.

Built-in self-diagnostics eliminates unnecessary downtime and gets you back up and running quickly.

Fast, Easy Loading

An innovative power loading mechanism makes loading and unloading easy, with no heavy-lifting. Simply latch into place and the machine does the rest. Additional add-on carts allow preparation and de-molding without tying up the machine.

About Us

Rotokinetics designs and manufactures rotational molding machines and vacuum chambers, and provides related products and services.


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