VC Series Vacuum Chambers

When molding silicone rubbers, air can become trapped as the base silicone and catalyst are combined during the mixing process. De-aeration is recommended in order to eliminate these voids, ensuring a quality modled product. Rotokinetics Vacuum Chambers make de-aerating quick and easy.

Operation is safe and simple, taking just a few minutes depending on the material. The included shutoff valve provides additional peace of mind.

Three sizes are available: 1.25 gallon, 2.0 gallon, and 5.0 gallon. Each size is available with or without the solid-state vacuum pump.

High Visibility

Custom-designed, laser-cut glass viewing window provides a clear of the mold during de-areation. The molded-on handle creates a tight seal with the chamber ensuring high vacuum and a void-free end product.

Quality Construction

Rotokinetics vacuum chambers are made from quality components and built in the USA. The tough construction stands up to heavy-duty use. Combined with the solid-state, service-free components Rotokinetics vacuum chambers provide years of trouble-free service.

High Vacuum

Our vacuum chambers feature a custom-fit gasket, providing a tight seal. A tight seal means higher vacuum and better degassing for your project. Our chambers achieve up to 29.5" Hg from a standard shop air supply.

Built-in Gages

Built-in gages included with every Rotokinetics vacuum chamber indicate the current air supply pressure in psi as well as the current vacuum level in "Hg. Both gages also have a Bar scale.

About Us

Rotokinetics designs and manufactures rotational molding machines and vacuum chambers, and provides related products and services.


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